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Essential oils for Frozen Shoulder Relief

A stiff, sore "frozen" shoulder can be debilitating and healing can be ridiculously slow, taking anywhere from months to years! Treatment options are usually limited to exercises and steroid injections. However, addressing any underlying root causes can be extremely helpful in speeding recovery. (Be sure to read 5 things you need to know about a frozen shoulder syndrome).

For a couple of natural essential oil options that may provide some relief to those suffering from not just a frozen shoulder but any other sore or achy joints read on...

An essential oil protocol for a frozen shoulder

1. Apply 1-2 drops of fir, lemongrass, basil, OR wintergreen to the pad of the foot below the little and 4th toe on the same side as the affected shoulder. (Shoulder reflex point).

2. Check for any improvement in pain and/or range of motion. Each essential oil works on a different cause of the pain.

3. For each oil applied, note which oil provides the most relief and then apply 1-2 drops to the shoulder.

You can also apply 1-2 drops of peppermint to the shoulder to help soothe the nerves.

1-2 drops of oregano to the shoulder can enhance shoulder mobility.

Be sure to NOT apply directly to the skin without diluting the essential oil with a little carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. This is especially important for hot oils like oregano and peppermint.

“Relief” roll-on blend

5 drops Wintergreen or Doterra Ice blue blend

5 drops Copaiba or Frankincense

4 drops Fir (Siberian or Douglas fir)

4 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Peppermint

Top with fractionated coconut oil in a 10 ml roll-on bottle.

Apply to soles of the feet (specifically pad of foot below 4th and 5th toes) and area of pain 2-3 x daily.

Optional add-ons or replacements include basil, clove, ginger, turmeric, oregano, lavender and vetiver essential oils.

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