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Reception at Cherish Chiropractic

Fees, Concession rates & ACC

You will find a price range indicated beside the type of appointment below. The lower fee is for those where ACC and/or a concession rate is applicable. 

ACC is available where an injury has occurred as a result of an accident. No GP referral is necessary, simply apply in the office. ACC reduces the cost by $20 per visit until you are back to your pre-injured state.

Concession rate - a discount per visit is available to children under the age of 18 and full-time students. 

Please also ask about our family fee which can help make chiropractic care more affordable for families. Plus ask how you can get two free chiropractic visits!

Our care is truly unique. There are very few health care professionals who offer such a range of services and techniques for a thorough, holistic approach to any number of health concerns. 
Chiropractic assessing a lady's neck

Initial Consultation - Chiropractic

This involves a thorough chiropractic health history, posture assessment and examination. An adjustment is usually given at this first visit but is dependent on the results of the health history and exam as further information may be required prior to care. (eg. xrays). 

Applied Kinesiology (AK) muscle testing is often used within a chiropractic appointment to look further into structural issues but for a thorough assessment of all aspects of your health (nutritional, emotional and biochemical), it is best to select the Applied Kinesiology or Functional Medicine Initial Consult. 

$90-130 NZ
Adult $130
Student/child $110
ACC less $20
Initial health history consultation

Initial Consultation - Applied Kinesiology

For total body, holistic health care for any & all health concerns. 
This appointment involves a thorough health history and examination looking to identify the underlying cause/s of your health / spinal concerns.

It utilizes applied kinesiology (AK) muscle testing techniques and a functional medicine approach to get to the root cause. (Functional medicine laboratory tests and/or X-rays may also be recommended). 

This approach also addresses nutritional & lifestyle changes necessary to heal efficiently & effectively. 

A chiropractic adjustment or cranial therapy may or may not be included in this visit. It is dependent on the health history, exam, and presenting complaint(s).

$155-195 NZ
Adult $195
Student/Child $175
ACC (less $20)
Chiropractic care for children

Second visit - Report of Findings - Chiropractic

In this visit, we will discuss the findings from your initial consult and give you a care plan, including suggested lifestyle changes. You will also receive a chiropractic adjustment and if indicated cranial therapy and/or extremity (i.e. arm, shoulder, leg) adjustment. 


The technique selected will be best suited to your age, size & condition.  We have the experience and training to care for all ages and conditions.

$40-70 NZ
Chiropractor adjusting a lady's neck

Second visit - Care Plan - Applied Kinesiology (AK) & Chiro

At your first visit, the aim is to work out what could be at the root of your health concern or challenge. In this second visit, you will be given a care plan, including lifestyle or dietary changes and nutritional supplementation recommendations, all with the aim to have you at your best in the shortest possible time. 

A chiropractic adjustment and/or cranial therapy is often included in this visit. The technique used will be best suited to you and your needs. 

$130-170 NZ
Adult $170
Student/Child $150
ACC less $20
Chiropractic adjustment

Standard visit - Chiropractic care

For your regular chiropractic adjustment visits. This visit can also include cranial therapy, extremity (arm, shoulder, leg joint) adjustments and some myofasical trigger point work. We offer a range of techniques appropriate for your age and condition. Gentle techniques such as Sacro-occipital technique (SOT) & activator

protocol are also available.

Nutritional supplementation and organ function are not assessed in these visits. Please choose the regular visit - applied kinesiology (AK) option for that.   

$30-60 NZ
($40 on ACC,
$30 if on ACC & concession rate).
Applied kinesiology muscle testing

Regular visit - Applied Kinesiology (& often Chiropractic adjustment)

Ongoing or follow-up visits aimed to keep you at your best and functioning optimally.

The focus during this visit will depend on your health concern and an assessment of the priority using applied kinesiology muscle testing.  For some, dietary changes and nutritional supplementation are the most important. For others, emotional support or biomechanical adjustments may be the priority. It depends on your needs at the time.

This visit often includes a chiropractic adjustment and/or cranial therapy, along with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. Lab reviews are not included in this appointment. 

You need to have had an initial consult & 2nd care plan visit before booking this appointment. 

$110-140 NZ
Online consultation

Functional Medicine Consults (typically online)

Functional medicine consults utilize a thorough health history and the latest laboratory tests/investigations to uncover and address the root causes of your health concerns for a long term solution.

This is the best option for those wanting an exhaustive review of their health history & labs with objective tests and a clear care plan to get you back to health as soon as possible. 

The care plan often involves natural supplementation, dietary & lifestyle advice with 24/7 email support throughout.

Dr Georgina Compton (B.Sc, B.Chiro, CFMP) works with people from all over the world. She specializes in gut health, SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, hormonal health, mould and oxalate toxicity.

All consults include review of your lab results, whether they are from your GP or specialist functional medicine tests. Optimum lab values are considered, not just the "normal" reference range. 

If you live outside of Auckland, New Zealand, online consults are a great way to receive the care you need from a qualified, health professional. It also saves on travel time!

Online Initial Consult
$380 NZ
($280 if <15 years of age)
Online Follow-up consults
$200 NZ
($280 if >3 months since last consult)

Although functional medicine consults are more expensive than applied kinesiology (AK), when combined with specialized lab tests they offer objective evidence of your underlying health concern. For those with chronic health issues this can be very comforting & improve results.  24/7 email support is also included for a period of 30 days post-consult. 

First appointment? Which appointment should you choose?

This depends on whether you are wanting to address your health as a whole or simply manage an acute complaintAt Cherish Chiropractic & Functional Health you can choose the extent of your care.  For some, regular chiropractic care is enough to keep them functioning at their best. For others, especially those with chronic pain, inflammation & health conditions, further help is needed. That is where Applied Kinesiology or a Functional Medicine approach can be extremely beneficial.  

Applied kinesiology (or AK for short) is a form of diagnosis through muscle testing to examine how a person’s body is functioning on a structural, chemical or emotional level. It does not detect disease or pathology but looks to address a poorly functioning body naturally through structural / tissue adjustments, dietary & lifestyle changes, & nutritional supplements. 

Functional Medicine utilizes the latest research findings on supplements, diet, and other natural tools for restoring balance in the body's primary physiological processes. It asks why has function been lost and what can be done to restore function naturally? Specialized functional lab testing (not typically available through your GP) is utilized for an accurate and clear objective diagnosis, identifying the true underlying causes of the person's health concerns.

AK testing is often used within a chiropractic appointment to look further into structural issues but for a thorough assessment of all aspects of your health, it is best to select the Applied Kinesiology or Functional Medicine Initial Consult. 

It is possible to have a mix of appointments throughout your care. Some may start with a Functional medicine consult utilizing laboratory testing and then have a further evaluation with Applied Kinesiology (AK). Others may start with Chiropractic care and then after experiencing Applied Kinesiology muscle testing used in assessing their spinal health, go on to explore their nutritional and biochemical well-being. 

Still unsure which service is best for you or how we can help?

Please take advantage of our FREE DISCOVERY CONSULT. (Held either in-person with a complimentary mini spinal health assessment or via video call). 
Chiropractor assessing a child's spine